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Aviation Engineers can provide technical support to airlines big or small, specialized projects for unique and one off modifications and long term on site support as part of an integrated engineering team.  The support can come from the head office in QLD or locally within the engineering office of the contractor.  The affiliation to the USA provides a seamless interaction with the FAA, with access to DER's, DAR's, and experience of FAA regulations and systems.


Aviation Engineers can offer design and approvals for fleets large or small for aircraft, large or small. We have fleet compliance support capabilities for the following:


1.    Service Bulletin updates and compliance

2.    Airworthiness Directives (AD’S) compliance review

3.    CASA subscriber for :

1.    Civil Aviation Legislation 

2.    Civil Aviation Regulations

3.    Civil Aviation Orders

4.    Civil Aviation Advisory Publications

5.    Civil Aviation Safety Regulations including

6.    Advisory Circulars

7.    Manuals of Standards

8.    Australian Technical Standard Orders

9.    Airworthiness Directives issued under CASR Part 39

10.  Airworthiness Bulletins 

11.  CASA’s Procedural Manuals and Forms


In addition, Aviation Engineers can provide consultancy services including:


1.    Fuel Saving Programme


-Vortex Generator

-Flight Control




2.     Maintenance Programme

3.     Introduction into the New Quality System

4.     FUMS-Fatigue Usage Monitoring System and

5.     HUMS-Health Usage Monitoring System