Archerfield Airport
Aviation Engineers are proud to take up a tenancy at Archerfield Airport. We have taken the step to open a Field office at  Archerfield to support the local aviation community  We would like to extend a very big thank you to all our existing customers at Archerfield for your continued support and we look forward to forming new relationships and friendships with new clients as well.
We are situated in Building 25 under the umbrella of Aviation Services Australia Pty Ltd.  ASA embodies a number of professional organisations and provides a complete solution for all aviation requirements.   The services offered by ASA are
  • Aviation Engineers  - Part 21M Engineering Support
  • AIR360 - Aircraft Acquisitions and aircraft management service.
  • Sutcliffe Pty Ltd - AOC for charter, aerial work, photography, flight Training etc
  • Aircraft Private Hire
  • Conwall & Associates - Nationally Accredited and Government Certified Registered Training Organisation (RTO) - 31190
  • Air Support Queensland - Aerial support to SE & Central Queensland communities in times of need.