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Aviation Engineers Pty Ltd are a CASA authorized company for regulations Part 21M of CASR 1998. The approval is for Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Systems and Equipment (Mechanical) and System & Equipment (Oxygen). The CASA Certificate A&E15/011 shows the scope of approval which is in accordance with our Design Approval Procedures Manual AE-DAPM-01.


Aviation Engineers are a South-East Queensland based company with offices in major Australian cities. Established in 2006, the company occupies facilities in a modern facility with the access to all Australian Airports. Aviation Engineers has a specific Design Approval Procedures Manual which meets the new standards set by CASA for authorizing engineering changes on any aircraft type. We are authorized under regulations Part 21M of CASA 1998 to design develop and approve engineering solutions on aircraft from Boeing 747, Airbus A380, to Cessna 152. A wing root repair on a 747-400 or a door latch repair on a Cessna 152 are within our scope of authorization. The company are looking to add EASA approvals to comply with the European regulations and are affiliated to an FAA approved engineering company to work within the America's. Read More